the completed microcontroller handles multiple FPGA bitstreams.

In partnership with Silver Engineering Inc., Sapphire Computers co-developed a microcontroller Flash solution for FPGA configuration. This fully integrated system allows customers to store multiple FPGA bitstreams and swap them in and out of the FPGA. It also has a full GUI control system that facilitated the in-field upgrading of the FPGA firmware.

A full FPGA programming solution was developed for this project. At the heart of the module is a microchip PIC microcontroller which utilized the latest NAND flash memory to make a cost-effective, sophisticated, and complete FPGA configuration solution.

Microcontroller Capabilities

Sapphire has extensive design experience with:

  • Microchip, AMD, Cypress, Atmel, Intel, Motorola, Freescale, TI and Xilinx microcontrollers and development tools
  • Low-power battery backup designs
  • Energy harvesting
  • Low-power RF links

video demux


embedded microcontroller for naval research labs..