Sapphire Computers, Inc. can deliver services from concept through production-ready design, with the ability to expedite the design process while still delivering a quality, reliable product design.

Our services run from project assessment and on-site training to board design, VHDL design, firmware development, PCB layout, fabrication and packaging. We offer solutions from subsystem cores to turnkey systems.

Our team brings decades of hardware design experience to your program. We have experience in the commercial, aerospace, computer graphics, industrial, military and medical industries. We are frequently called upon to tackle those unique jobs that can’t be handled in-house.

Along with our network of experienced consultants, we execute on your ideas and expedite solutions to your most challenging problems.

A few of our customers include Boeing, IBM Microelectronics, Air Force Research Labs (AFRL), Ohio State University, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Naval Research Labs, Systran Federal Systems, University of Kentucky, Xilinx Inc., Eastman Kodak, Synthetic Blood International and many more.